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Universell function: 공통기능

롤의 바우(BOW)는 롤 위의 원단의 진행에 영향을 준다. 휘어진 롤의 각 부분과 원 폭 사이에는 그에 상응하는 앵글이 존재한다. 원단은 롤의 축 방향으로 올바른 앵글로 진행하려는 경향이 있기 때문에 원단이 자동적으로 양 끝단을 향해 진행하면서 동시에 양 사이드를 향해 펼쳐진다.

In the textile industry: 섬유산업 분야
With rubber cover, for dry and wet application, designed for one and more webs.
In washing and bleaching lines, foulards and winders.
고무 피복으로써 dry이나 wet 적용분야에서 하나 그 이상의 원단을 위해 설계되었다. 세척이나 표백 라인에서 폴라르 원다 와인더 하이파롱(CSM) 이나 NBR 폴리머 등의 모든 고무 피복

In the paper and foil converting industry:
For coating machines, printing machines, calenders and winders, especially in slitters before or behind the knives for separating the webs. to product range and classification of types 제지나 호일 컨버팅 산업분야 코팅기, 인쇄기, 캘렌더 와인더 특히 원당을 분리하시 위한 슬리터의 전 후에 사용

In the paper mills:
With rubber cover or stainless steel segmented rollers in the wire in the wet or drying felts, before and behind the size press, calenders or pope rollers. to product range and classification of types wetsk drying
싸이즈 프레스, 캘렌더, 또는 Pope Roller의 전후에 위치하여 휄트에서의 와이어 상의 고무 피복 혹은 스틸 세그먼트 롤러

For high web speed:
With chrome coated or molybdan coated steel segments, air planing groves for spreading the web in the rewinder and slitter before and behind the knives for separating the web at the
end of the PM. In drying chambers for high
temperatured environment.

섬유기계의 드라이 파트에서 사용
주의: 원단 폭에서 2% Bow
폴리에스터 필름의 펼침, 롤러에 진입하기 전 주름 제거
종이 재단기의 새로운 슬리팅 도구 위의에어 그루브와 함께 스틸
세그먼트 롤러에 사용  

Application in a dry part of a textile machine.
Notice: The high of the bow 2% of face length.

Stretching a polyester film, regard the wrinkles before entering the roller.

Steel segmented roller with air grooves on a new slitting device of a paper slitter


Product range and classification of types

Curved spreader rolls equipped with:
  • rubber cover, and optional with steel sleeves for dry and wet application
  • steel segmented rollers for dry and wet application
  • adjustable height of bow by hand tool or hydraulic device
  • any type of pulleys
  • various types of mounting brackets:
    - in clamp type or
    - swivel gear with hand wheel or geared engines or
    - upon customer

  • Our know-how is your benefit
    Features for easy running by special design in the roller base dadurch?? Easy lifting by the web.
    Rollers with steel cover in heavy design and performance dadurch?? Highest web speed on smooth web guiding.
    Vario bow rollers, designed with extra stable construction of axles and easy adjustment dadurch?? High chargeable with respect to the static, useful for separating webs.
    Oil chamber system with additional labyrinth sealing. For the entire wet application in the paper mill dadurch?? Twofold protection against water, longer periods of stoppage, no precocious break-down of the roller.
    Every type of roller with permanent greasing for standard ball bearings dadurch?? No problems on demand of spare parts.

    Classification of types
    To find out the correct dimension of the roller please ask for our recommendation.
    Take benefit of our large experience. The features such as wrap angle, tension, web width, web speed and critical revolution are performing together. The following data will give you some hints.

    Rollers with rubber cover type WG on ca. 30° wrap angle.

    ? Tension
    0,25 KN/m
    web width
    0,5 KN/m
    web width
    1,0 KN/m
    web width
    70 mm 25 mm 1400 mm 1000 mm 800 mm
    85 mm 30 mm 1600 mm 1200 mm 1000 mm
    90 mm 35 mm 2100 mm 1550 mm 1350 mm
    95 mm 40 mm 2550 mm 1850 mm 1600 mm
    115 mm 50 mm 3150 mm 2500 mm 2200 mm
    130 mm 60 mm 3710 mm 3100 mm 2750 mm
    150 mm 75 mm 4480 mm 3780 mm 3430 mm
    170 mm 85 mm 5260 mm 4700 mm 4400 mm
    190 mm 95 mm 5880 mm 4900 mm 4600 mm
    230 mm 115 mm 7300 mm 6100 mm 5800 mm
    260 mm 135 mm 7800 mm 6500 mm 6200 mm
    Larger types on request

    Rollers with steel cover type WS on ca. 30° wrap angle.
    ? Tension
    0,25 KN/m
    web width
    0,5 KN/m
    web width
    1,0 KN/m
    web width
    110 mm 55 mm 3400 mm 2800 mm 2600 mm
    135 mm 65 mm 4500 mm 3900 mm 3600 mm
    150 mm 80 mm 5000 mm 4400 mm 3900 mm
    165 mm 90 mm 5900 mm 5000 mm 4650 mm
    190 mm 105 mm 6500 mm 5600 mm 5200 mm
    210 mm 115 mm 7300 mm 6100 mm 5800 mm
    240 mm 130 mm 7800 mm 6500 mm 6200 mm
    275 mm 170 mm 8300 mm 7750 mm 7450 mm

    Curved roll with rubber sleeve, type W. G.

    In the textile, foil and plastic industry the roll serves to keep the width of heavy webs stretched. The roll stretches the base material in lining and coating processes. In the paper and paper processing industry it stretches the width of paper in calenders, flexographic and gravure printing processes, in slitting and cross cutting machines, coating machines, etc.
    Maximum web speed up to 500 m/min. Special design for higher speeds upon request.
    This roll is suitable for keeping the width of paper free of creases during the operation. it guides wires as well as felts of the paper machine in wet or dry operations. The roll regulates the wet felt and helps to achieve a better drainage, thus prolonging the operational life considerably. It serves to maintain the width of paper in front of the pope-roller, in calenders, coating and pasting machinery, etc. Suitable up to a maximum web speed of 1400 m/min.

    Drive of a bowed roller directly fixed on a special mounting, designed on customer's specification.

    Heavy construction curved roll
    for application in the paper industry

    Field of application:
    Wire part in wet operations, felt straightening rolls, wires in dryer section, smoothing units, pope rollers, calenders, reel slitter rewinders, coating and pasting machines.
    A new end packing with oil chamber system has been developed especially for completely wet operations. The radial packing runs over molybdenum-coated friction rings which guarantees utmost packing and long operational lie. Re-lubrication from the side of the roll axle.
    Bowed roller fix bow, rubber covered,

    reinforced rubber cover suitable for 1200m/min.
    Rollerdiameter 275mm
    Axlediameter 150mm
    Roller face 7500mm,
    with V-belt drive pulley.
    Roller is running in a slitter.

    Curved rolls with steel sleeve, type W. S.

    Suitable for application in the paper industry. The roll keeps the paper stretched in front of the slitter-rewinder and separates the reels after cutting. In calenders and in front of the pope-roller it keeps the web free from creases. Very good results are obtained in the drying tunnel at high temperatures. The roll is furthermore used in paper processing, in slitting and cross cutting and in printing machines.
    Maximum web speed up to 2500 m/min.
    Stainless steel segmented roller, 200x5000mm,

    chrome plated for an application in the wet part of a paper mill.
    Notice: The rubber sealing to protect the mounting brackets.

    Types Vario

    The adjustable bow combined with a turning range of 360° by means of a turning gear allows maximum adjustment of these rolls. This can be effected during operation by a slight turn of the adjusting screw. The height of the bow remains in the adjusted position without any additional lock. The advantages of this roll become obvious when handling different materials or in continually changing processes.
    Especially behind the size press where due to the wet condition the width of paper tends to crease very much. The application of this adjustable roll has proved very useful.
    Very good results can also be obtained with this roll in foil processing since this material allows more or less stretching depending on its quality.

    Bowed roller with adjustable high of bow, in this case by hydraulic cylinder

    Einbau und Projektierung

    In order to achieve an optimum spreading effect the following points should be observed.

    The wrap angle "W" should be noted when planning the installation:

    For paper and foils 20° - 40°
    For metal wires 15° - 20°
    For plastic wires 20° - 40°
    For wet felts 30° - 60°

    The web feed has to be effected always from the concave side of the roll.
    In order to avoid irregular wear the spreading roll must be mounted horizontally and at right angles to the web path.
    The distance "E" between the spreading and the following roll should not be too large. It should not exceed 2 or 3 diameters of the roll.

    The distance "A" may be larger, but it should not exceed twice the distance "E".

    At normal tension and web conditions the posting of the
    curved roll is as shown. This position is the best in order
    to avoid irregular wear, especially when using rolls with
    rubber sleeves.

    When webs with slack edges are handled the axle it
    turned form ”normal” to ”concave” until the proper tension
    of the edges is achieved and the center part of the web
    becomes slack.

    If the center part of the web is slack the axle is turned
    form ”normal” to ”convex” until the proper tension of the
    web center is obtained.

    All these adjustments can be effected and registered by
    means of a scale on the swivel gear.

    Where necessary, the rolls will be accompanied by
    corresponding maintenance instructions.
    The operational life is almost unlimited. Should the roll,
    however, become defective by extreme wear it can rapidly
    be repaired in our factory.

    경기도 광주시 도척면 도척윗로650 (상림리 33-3)
    전화: 031-707-8096 (代) / 02-3401-8097 팩스: 031-707-8098 / 핸드폰: 010-3362-8097