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당사는 CMOS 시스템을 최초로 도입한 회사이다. 본 시스템을 개선된 웹 검사시스템에 사용하고부터 이미지
품질과 선명도에 있어서 타의 추종을 불허한다.
2가지 사이즈와 5개모델이 개선된 시스템에 포함되어 모든 고객사들의 요구를 받아줄 수 있다



Colour fidelity, image quality.

Colour fidelity and image quality are REVISION priorities. Using a completely digital technology, it exploits the potential of CMOS sensors, adapting to the requirements of the most demanding operators.


The camera, equipped with a CMOS sensor, rather than the better known CCD type, with a 1.3 million pixel resolution and 24 bit colour depth. The motorised version has a stepping motor for sideways movements. Fitted with Xenon bulbs, having minimum intensity variation and a 6X or 10X motorised zoom, depending on the version selected.

There is an optional cable holder chain, to facilitate the continuous movement of the cables during sideways movement and to reduce the dimensions of the connecting cables.

Industrial PC with 220V power supply (optional 110V), with Windows 98, using connectors positioned at the back of the control, with the system ON/OFF switch on the front.

Remote membrane keyboard, user-friendly and complete
with the most commonly used keys, for calibrating and
operating the system.
Supplied with a 3 metre long connecting cable.

Crosspiece for cantilever mounting or fixed mounting
on both sides, simple to apply, consisting of the slider track,
a toothed belt to guarantee greater movement precision
and magnetic limit switches.


15” LCD or 17” KRT monitor
, with standard cables for connection to the PC and power cables.

Synchronisation sensor, available from the most common proximity sensor applied close to a gear, encoder or contrast sensor.Otherwise an external device (e.g. PLC) can supply a pulse signal to the system.

System composition


  • On-line menu on screen and multi-language selection, from the remote keyboard;
  • Split-screen, horizontal and vertical for a simple, rapid comparison with the image saved;
  • Image 90° rotation through 4 positions;
  • Rapid zoom, iris, focus key;
  • Horizontal scan, vertical scan and both simultaneously (M version).
경기도 광주시 도척면 도척윗로650 (상림리 33-3)
전화: 031-707-8096 (代) / 02-3401-8097 팩스: 031-707-8098 / 핸드폰: 010-3362-8097