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Max load 2000 daN

The flange mounted range of load cells are designed to be mounted directly onto the ends of the tension measuring roll and are able to indicate with high precision the resultant tension forces being applied. The commercial success of this model, designed for tension control with laminates, is due to the combination of its compact size which allows its use in confined spaces, and its very high level of quality and reliability.

Produced by Re spa since 1978 over 10.000 units have been installed all around the world, resolving the same number of web tension problems. This fact is the best reference we can offer to both customers and potential customers alike.


Max load 2000 daN
Compact, versatile and reliable, these cells offer an alternative to the others manufactured by Re spa and are used for through shaft assembly applications. The CK load cells measure the applied force, and give an electric proportional signal, repeatable and free from hysteresys, which can be used for any kind of regulation. These cells are the product of over 18 years of experience gain in the field of tension regulation and is offered freely to our customers.
Note: it is recommended that the load cells are used with amplifier cards, automatic regulators or electronic equipment which has been developed and designed by Re spa
specifically for these applications.


Max load 3000 daN

The Re spa CB range of base style load cells offer the ideal solution to the problem of web tension measurement as it is possible to eliminate the influence of forces not involved in the tension detection, such as the weight of rolls, supports, etc. They have been designed so that zero is achieved mechanically and not electrically. This gives an advantage over other common load cells, as only the tension is measured, heading to improved accuracy and regulation.

The load cells offer a high degree of overload protection, and good resistance to vibration, features which are appreciated in all applications, both with low and high tension valves were an accurate constant signal is required. Typical applications are: continuous paper machinery, super calanders, rolling



Re spa has considerable experience in the design and manufacture of customised load cells to solve specific application problems. The extensive range includes complete cantilever load cells, pivoting load cells for assembly with pulley, "S" style load cells for tension or compression and load cells for weighting system application.
Please contact our techical office for details of the complete range.


"Tensiomatic" System

High versatility
High reliability
High performance

Far over 10 years, Re spa have designed and produced Electronic systems for the tension control of paper, plastic and laminates.
In this time, over 3000 systems have been sold, proving the reliability of the products. Technical advancements made are incorparoted in the latest MW.90.10 Microprocessor Control System.
From 1992, over 3000 MW.90.10 systems have been installed, solving numerous tension problems in conjunction with Load Cells, Dancing Rolls, or Sonar.
The real news, however, is that the Microprocessor MW.90.10 is the first system to allow open loop control of mixed systems using one common control. Load Cells and Sonar, Dancing Rolls and Sonar, and Load Cells with Tacho Generator. The high standard of design ensures the function reliabiiity, repeatability, and precision of the Display values.
Personalised operating parameters are stored in the Microprocessor’s memory, which can be recolled easily, speeding up machine changeovers and so increasing productivity. Easily calibrated, small in size yet high in quality and performance, the MW.90.10 offers excellent value.
In addition to the system of regulation presented here, we are also able to supply our complete series of Pneumatic Brakes, model type Combiflex, with high torque capacity and high heat dissipation capacity, that with the Selematic Calipers - complete our range of Tension Control systems, used and highly regarded worldwide.



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